4 Secret Tools SEO Maestro Uses to Check Competitive Analysis

One of the ingredients to make it to success is to keep a vigilant eye on your competitors. To achieve this best SEO tools for spying are required, as this would let you know what amendments are needed in your work.

You can improvise their strategies and apply them to your business. Mastering Search Engine Optimization can be an arduous task, especially if you have just entered this field. However, acquiring the knowledge to gain the most advantage out of these tools has become a necessity in this modern era of digitization.

To save you from the slike of anxiety, we have compiled a list of four secret tools SEO maestro use to check competition analytics. Rather than trying out all of these tools, just experiment to figure out which works best for your online venture.

Four Best SEO Tools to Spy on Your Competitors:

Think of these tools as princes who come to save experts (Cinderella) from the troublesome tasks of keyword research and data analysis. These systems would open up the path to let you explore what works for you and which strategies are fruitful.

So, without frittering away time, let’s get rolling!

Surfer, the best SEO tool for spying:

Use Surfer to research, write, optimize, audit, and skyrocket your organic growth of traffic. It has everything that you require to create an amazing content strategy that can yield a good crop.

Product Summary:

  • It works best for bloggers and content marketers.
  • It offers a four-day money-back guarantee to its users.
  • The best feature is one can get an on-page audit.
  • Specialists rate it 9.7 in terms of how user-friendly it is.


  • You can access your competitors’ best pages and how much traffic they generate.
  • A lot of times engines produce false results, but Surfer is popular for its accurate results.
  • Surfer allows you to keep track of the optimized words and audience of other fellows in your market.
  • It has a powerful backlinking explorer that is handy for social media copywriters.


As they have recently entered compared to SEMRush and SpyFu, they don’t have a vast database of highly optimized words and backlinking.

The Cost:

The cost of Surfer depends on the type of subscription plan you opt for. It offers three types of plans:

  • The basic one costs $59 per month and $49 per month if paid annually, supports one website, and accesses an audit of 20 pages per month.
  • The pro plan charges $119 per month and $99 per month if paid annually, and supports three websites.
  • Lastly, business one supports 10 websites and charges $239 per month and $199 per month if paid at once.


It would be a great alternative to the above one as it is extremely capable. It has great keyword research options and offers superb domain analysis.

Product Summary:

  • This program is ideal for digital marketers.
  • One can get a four-day free trial to explore the features and ease of use.
  • The best thing about this is that you can get access to backlink analytics.


  • It can be used very easily, one can get suitable keywords and domains smoothly.
  • The support system of SEMRush is epic, one can communicate through phone, live chat, and email.
  • SEMRush has an amazing backlinking analysis.


  • It has a very basic on-page optimization compared to Surfer.
  • Their keyword difficulty score is at times not correct.

The Cost:

This also has three types of packages.

  • The first is Pro which lets you track 5 projects and 500 highly optimized words for $119.95/month and $99.95/month when paid at once.
  • The second is Guru which lets you track up to fifteen projects and 1,500 keywords for just $229.96 per month, or $191.62 per month when paid annually.
  • The third is Business through which you can keep a track of almost 40 projects and 5,000 keywords for $449 per month.


The above two options offer a more complete approach to their users compared to this one which specializes just in competitive analysis SEO.

Product Summary:

  • SpyFu is ideal for businesses with search-ad budgets, such as bid writing services UK.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Pricing is affordable and ergonomic.


  • As we mentioned above, the pricing is economical.
  • SpyFu allows access to competitor-focused keyword research.
  • Competitors that you didn’t even know existed would be easily discovered.
  • This software has the best reverse engineering using that, you can get aware of your competitor’s organics and paid keywords.
  • A fantastic live supporting team is there to help you out via chat and phone.


  • It doesn’t have a vast keyword and backlink database if compared to SEMRush.
  • The scores of keywords can be incorrect at times.

The Cost:

It has two types of subscription plans:

  • The Basic can let you track up to 5,000 high-ranking words per week at $39/month.
  • The Professional can track up to 15,000 high-ranking words with no search and reporting caps at the rate of $79/month.


The Ahrefs is also one of the best SEO tools for spying on large sites and is most used among professionals in this field. The reason why the author is ranking it in the fourth position is that it is overpriced.

Product Summary:

  • Ahrefs offers a generous four-day trial which is enough time to get a lot of work done diligently.
  • Professionals call it All-in-one on-page software as it provides competitor research, keyword research, website audit, content research, and rank tracking.


  • 543.33 million highly optimized words are available for the world’s top three search engines: Google, YouTube, and Amazon.
  • Handy to use and 26.15 trillion internal while 3.35 trillion backlinks are there in the database.
  • There are 396.68 billion crawled pages in the index.


As mentioned above, the $99/month price might break one’s bank. Therefore, it gets out of the reach of several experts.

Wrapping Up:

We assume that you have unlocked the four secret tools SEO maestro use to check competition analytics. Though there is numerous software that is used by professionals, we discussed the four major ones with their product summary, advantageous, disadvantageous, and pricing. This elaborated description would be handy for you to decide which one works best for you. If you want the second edition of this topic, let us know in the comments section below!

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